Air Doors: The AFIM® Air Door

Do you want to:

  • Keep different climate zones separated?
  • Stop dust, smell, humidity and insects?

  • Keep winter cold and summer heat out?


Then choose the AFIM® Air Door!

Operation AFIM® Air Door

Solution for the industry


What can you find on this website?

On this website you will find information on the operation and application of AFIM® Air Doors with examples in different situations.

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Do you want to:

  • Prevent icing or slippery floors in the cold storage room?
  • Manage energy saving and the temperature in the cold storage room better?
  • Get rid of those nasty strip curtains?

Choose the AFIM IGLO®!

Air Door with AFIM IGLO® Technology

Solution for freezer / cold store


Direct request a price for the AFIM® Air Door?

Do you want to receive a price for the AFIM® Air Door for your situation? Please fill in the application form. Within one business day you will receive the offer for the solution with the AFIM® Air Door.

Synonyms for our product: air knife, air wall, air curtain, air screen, air lock